Watt Bikes

Hi to all

Now we have the Wattbikes at the club and as its the time of year when the evenings are generally dark and cold many of you maybe riding indoors.

To get the best benefit from having the Wattbikes it would be great to know what members preference is for using them. Currently we have racenights on Fridays at the Athletic Track giving riders 3 - 4 short races from 250m to one mile, usually including a team event as well, and these will continue, although we may also use them in different ways if the interest is there.

  • Are you interested in the existing format of racenights
  • Would it make a difference if we changed the time and/or venue (If you know of a suitable venue we could book fairly cheaply please let me know)
  • Would you be interested in inter club racenights
  • Racenights without the team events
  • Pedalling technique sessions perhaps including high cadence competitions
  • 5 mile time trials
  • 10 mile time trials
  • Would you be interested in trying the Wattbikes for yourself with an open session to do as you please
  • Winter handicap league starting 2018/19

Do you have any other ideas you'd like to see tried


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