Racing this Saturday

This Saturday 7th July we will be holding another of our race events, this time with a grasstrack format and for conventional freewheel bikes, so we will be on the grass and every rider will get three races (two to score). These will still suit ALL of our youth riders, but with the added attraction of some riders from other clubs joining us for a few races, making it ideal entry level racing, and suitable for getting started with competitive events. Each event will be in age groups, so even our youngest will be able to take part, and the oldest will riders will be under 16 age group (racing seperately to the younger ones)

Entry will be £4 on the day from 09.30pm with races to start at 10.00 and award a few prizes and be all finished by 12.00. Hopefully our youngsters will all want to try these events, they seem to have a competitve streak even when not racing, so it should make a nice change to our usual format.

We could do with a few helpers on the day, so if you are able to help please let me know, preferably in advance to assist with planning the evening

  • Riders, the more the merrier for good racing. All youth riders welcome.
  • Cakes or suitable nibbles, and ideally let me know beforehand
  • Refreshments - two to help out with them
  • Signing on – two/three people required
  • Timekeepers - three people required
  • Derny/pacer rider
  • Helpers for setting up, could do with a couple of helpers who could ideally get there early

The details are on the British Cycling website, although as its entry on the day things are not too different to normal.

This will be at our usual venue The Embankment Athletic Track, Bishops Road, PE1 5BW.

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