Bluebell 10 July 10/11th ***UPDATED***


The road into Helpston was swept on Friday, after the surface dressing works a couple of weeks ago. I've been down and checked it and looks good to go for this week.
Now there lies a problem... The England v Croatia World Cup Semi Final is on and that's bound to impact the number of riders we'll get (and also marshal availability)
I'm going to see if the police will mind us switching to Tuesday night for this week. How would that sit with folks? Would you ride? Can you fulfil your marshalling/officiating duties on Tuesday?
If the police won't allow us to switch nights. Will you ride on Wednesday and will you marshal/time?
Will you be watching the football on Wednesday.

Please advise, so that we can make the best decision.

Steve Clarke
Chairman & Racing Secretary
Fenland Clarion Cycling Club

After a review the 10 will continue on Wednesday as planned. If you are able to support and marshall, please let Emma know. 

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