Lincoln races 8th June

I think most of you are aware that this year we agreed to co-host a day of racing in Lincoln along with Tuxford Clarion with the aim of encouraging our riders, especially the youths, to try the series of five races that this event is part of. Our event is the third in the series and will be on Saturday 8th June (all event links at the end) and we will need a number of helpers to cover a range of roles. The second event is next Saturday 18th May which gives an ideal opportunity to go over and either ride or see the event and assess the task of running the event before we get there, as it's rapidly approaching.
Entries for the four remaining events are now all on the British Cycling website with Go Ride racing for novice riders or the agegroup category events for those more experienced riders both of which would suit many of our young riders. Please note that for the agegroup events you will require a race licence and gear restrictions will be in place, both fairly standard and nothing to be scared of, so if unsure please just ask.
Saturday 18th May
Saturday 8th June
Saturday 15th June
Saturday 6th July
If unsure please ask, and maybe car sharing will help with travelling. So please feel free to post on our Facebook page if you are going, or thinking of going.
I will ask for volunteers for 8th June after next weekend when we have assessed first hand what is required, although I would ask you to keep a note of the date if you are willing to help.
Any questions, as always please ask.

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