Weekend Youth Rides

Hi to all

I think there is sufficient interest in arranging some regular weekend rides for the youngsters and I suggest we could start by aiming to do a ride on Saturdays afternoons, although they could be at other times as well.

I don't think every week is practical, so perhaps 1 or 2 rides a month might work well. If any parents are prepared to lead a few rides please let me know and I'm happy to co-ordinate some dates.
I think a mixture of cycleways, off road rides and on quieter roads would all work. Recently we had the Crowland ride to the Fenland Airfield and it was well supported and enjoyed by all on quiet roads. Other suitable locations could be routes close to you, or how about Fineshade, Peterborough Green Wheel, Grafham Water, Rutland Water to name a few to get you started. As not all the youngsters have parents who cycle perhaps one or two parents might supervise the odd extra youngsters occasionally to open these rides up to all.
Let me know if interested in leading the occasional ride.

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