Virtual Rides on Wednesday Evenings

20200425 Malc Karl Stelvio

I'm sure lots of you are already missing the midweek club time trials, so here is one option you may want to consider.

We are planning a series of Wednesday online races/rides using the RGT events ( On alternate Wednesdays there will be a ride around a simulated version of the Bluebell course, and then on the other weeks we will plan a ride round a range of other local courses including the Helpston Classic, Helpston 2-up, Southwick TT course and the Crowland Bank 10 mile circuit.

Riders are all very welcome to race or ride along at their own pace, these will be each Wednesday at 19:00 until circumstances change.

Please note you need to register for each event, and we need five riders for each event to go ahead, last week with our test event we had six riders.

If there is sufficient interest we could run another event beforehand to enable households with more riders than suitable turbos all take part. These would be at 18:00 for the 10's or 17:30 for the classic or 2-up. Each rider will need to have a suitable power meter or turbo, pc and phone to connect online and take part. Please let me know if you'd want to take part in an earlier event, as we have only listed one until we know numbers. This will involve registering on the website, and it is currently entirely FREE.

The ability to ride our own created local courses is planned to be free while this virus causes the current restrictions, however this may change, and if charges are brought in then we may cease these events as we don't wish to inflict that on our riders. Please see the website to understand the requirements of your equipment, and that shoud explain all you need to know. If you wish to take part you'll need to follow the links for the events.

These will be added to the club website on the calendar page.

If you have any questions please let me know, although if it's a technical question please spend a bit of time looking through the website for help before asking, although i will aim to help if i can.

Please note: we need a minimum of five riders to register for each event for it to take place, so if you're interested please get registered.

Any questions please let me know, or join the discussion on the clubs Facebook page

Regards Malc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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