Resumption of FCCC Club 10s 15th July

Here’s how it’s all going to work…
There will be no entries on the night and no signing on. You will enter online here and by signing up will agree to the usual disclaimer and the terms and conditions that apply currently. Entries will close tomorrow night (Tuesday 14th July) at 9pm and you will receive an email with the start sheet either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.
Please read and familiarise yourself with the following points.
COVID-19 Guidelines
1.) Members of the public – those with PHE/NHS letter, suggesting they currently should shield. High Risk individuals who come into contact with the COVID-19 virus in sufficient quantities are at serious risk of the virus to themselves. These persons should not be involved in the on the day running of an event or participate as a competitor.

2.) Those of a current age banding that government advice suggests should limit social contact/shield/practice social distancing with extreme care. CTT strongly suggests that those over current government age guidelines do not participate or volunteer for any CTT events. However an absolute ban should not be considered for specific age bands as they can be in hugely different states of health and as and when the government’s position on age moves and shifts, then CTT should harmonise with it. There are a number of mitigation methods detailed below that provide a significant protection if a relevant person is no longer shielding/practising social distancing, with extreme care they can be part of a CTT event. Where roles are allocated, the roles with the least likelihood of any social distancing concerns (eg solo marshal) should be preferred. Those in high risk age groups should not be involved in the management or involved in applying social distancing discipline to others.

3.) Tandem teams can only take part if both riders are from the same household. Other teams cannot race until social distancing is relaxed.
4.) Competitors should not attend if they feel any ill in ANY way, especially if they or family members have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Competitors with an elevated resting hear rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm up can suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of ANY kind, and they should DNS and leave immediately and not go to the start line if they feel this is the case.

5.) All static warm-ups are prohibited and there are to be no gatherings in the parking areas. All warm ups are to be done on the road.

6.) Competitors on finishing should not stop at the finish and should not loiter at the HQ/car park. Upon completion of their ride all riders should sign-out promptly and having done so, then pack away and leave immediately.

7.) Riders should call out there rider number loudly at the finish.

8.) Unless using a skinsuit with all competitors must bring their own safety pins to secure their number.

9.) Persons should NOT be socialising with others in the parking areas and should upon leaving their car, get their bike out and go straight out on the road to warm up. A large collection of people has a negative perception and should be avoided.

10.) Please park an adequate distance from other vehicles to enable suitable social distancing.

11.) When collecting your number/signing on/out, please queue individually at the distance currently advised by government advice. Note: Riders to provide their own pens.

12.) Competitors should note, there will be no results available at the event and results will be posted on the club’s Facebook/Twitter and website as soon as practicable.

13.) Riders will be issued with one number to be retained for the duration of the season and is to be used for all Fenland Clarion Club Events.

14.) There will be no refreshments at our events.

15.) Spectators, members and other cyclists not competing are not encouraged to attend our club time trials, while COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

16.) There will be no held starts for our time trials until Level 1 of the Covid Alert Scale has been achieved. Riders will have start with one foot on the ground.

17.) Riders should arrive at the start no more than four minutes before start time and queue as per the current social distancing guidance. Ensure the space given is from the rear of the bike in front.

18.) Fenland Clarion Club TT’s are open to First and Second Claim club members. Guests can take part, but after two rides they are expected to join (1st or 2nd Claim) and join the marshalling rota.

19.) Refer also to the Cycling Time Trials COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

13th July 2020

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