what is a club run ?

It is a social ride at a moderate pace, usually including a tea/coffee stop at a cafe or pub and returning to the start via a different route. All riders are welcome to join us on our club runs and it is a great way to get into cycling. There is a run every Sunday right throughout the year, usually starting at 9am, and occasionally there are runs at other times, for example a midweek evening ride to a local pub, a Youth Hostelling or camping weekend.

where do they start from ?

Most club runs start from Helpston village centre but check the runs calendar for details of evening rides, camping and Youth Hostelling weekends. 

what time do they set off?

Most Sunday club runs leave at 9am sharp but check the calendar for the time of all runs and weekend events.

what routes do we take ?

Sunday runs follow a variety of routes in all directions from Helpston varying in length from around 30 miles to 70 miles. Each run is graded Red, Amber or Green; the red ones are quite hard, being long, hilly, or both! The Green runs are typically less than 40 miles and not too hilly and should be rideable by reasonably fit newcomers, and the Amber routes are in between. The tea/coffee stops vary from cafes in villages and country parks, windmills and other interesting places to diners and pubs, and we are always looking for good new places to stop for a break. Summary details of each run are included on the Club Run Calendar.

the current list of club run stops

Here is a list of tea/coffee stops that are currently used.

Club Run Stops

how much does it cost ?

It costs nothing to join us on a club run, but once you get the bug you'll want to join the club and get involved in other aspects of cycling too. The club has group membership of the Youth Hostelling Association (YHA) so you do not have to be an individual member to join us on YHA weekends.

who sets the routes ?

This is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. R.C. Please mail him to ask any questions not covered here.

Ian Todd

I am not too sure I am fit enough for the club runs what can I do ?

Come along to one of the shorter club runs (graded green on the club run calendar). The pace is always determined by the slowest rider, there are mixed ability riders and soon you will be joining in the banter and chewing up the miles before you know it. During the summer, and typically once a month, we also have some even easier runs of typically 20 miles that are suitable for new riders.

what type of bike do I need?

Any type of bike will be suitable for the Green rides as long as it is properly maintained, but do bring a spare inner tube of the correct size with you as not all wheel sizes are the same. See how you get on with the easier rides first; you don’t need to rush out and buy an expensive bike before you have tried out a few runs first, and other riders will be able to give you good advice depending on what type of riding you are really interested in.

when and where does the next club run to ?

Check out the Club Runs Calendar. This is updated quarterly in advance. More details can be obtained by clicking the item on the calendar so it opens up then clicking "more details".

for those who already ride the club runs

Below is the latest summary of club run attendance points. Remember 2 points are awarded to members for every club run completed and 1 point for part attendance cut short by mishap, etc. Points are accumulated throughout the year, starting 1 st October through to the end of September the following year and the Male and Female club member with the most points receives an award at the Club Dinner (held during November each year). Occasionally someone will ‘take a hammering’ on a club run (despite the moderate pace, we all sometimes have an off-day!) and the Hammer Trophy is awarded some years to the rider who has taken the biggest hammering when out on a club run.

club run points

This document contains the lastest copy of the Club Run points. Please click on it to download the document.

Club Run Points

where can I see the routes we might take ?

Below are the routes we take, these are plotted on MapMyRide and are an approximate route. This may vary depending on weather \ road closures etc. Click on the route you wish to look at and this will open the MapMyRide website automatically. The routes can be downloaded to a GPX file for use on Garmin devices etc.The club runs are graded Red / Amber / Green.

- Green runs are the easiest, typically less than 40 miles and fairly flat. These runs should be ok for new riders who have a good level of general fitness.

- Amber runs are intermediate, typically 40 to 50 miles with maybe a few relatively easy hills.

- Red runs are the hardest, usually between 50 and 70 miles, sometimes with some fairly hard hills. Rides over 60 miles are usually graded red on account of distance, but may still be fairly flat, for example the ride to Heckington.

During the summer, and typically once a month, we also have some even easier runs of typically 20 miles that are suitable for new riders.

Details of club runs are shown on the calendar, with routes set in advance each quarter.

the next run is:

Please see the top stories on the left of the page or the club calendar. Or for a list of all club runs look at the icon on the right of this text.

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