Club Championship 25 20th May 2018

THIS SUNDAY 20th May 2018
10am Start
Park Cars on Grass Verge at top of Alconbury/Stangate Hill (LHS coming from South)

Course Details (N1/25C):
START on B1043 near Wheatsheaf flyover by lamp post no. 1 on west side of road approximately 330yds North of Monks Wood junction B1090. Proceed Northwards to Woodwalton (Sawtry Toll Bridge) roundabout (M),
Straight on to Stanch Hill roundabout (M)
Straight on to Sawtry North roundabout (M)
Straight on to continue under B660 flyover to Stilton roundabout (M)
TURN at Stilton roundabout and retrace route to Woodwalton (Toll Bridge) roundabout (M)
TURN and retrace route to Stilton roundabout
TURN and retrace route to Woodwalton (Toll Bridge) roundabout. Take second exit and straight on (B1043) to
FINISH on B1043 at last drain in layby just past garage and motel.
Route (approximate)

* When travelling North from St Andrews Bridge roundabout you will approach Sawtry North Roundabout downhill and you will need to continue round the island further than is usual, so give yourself plenty of road space and adjust your speed so you can negotiate the roundabout safely.
* Hard-shell Helmets are recommended (Compulsory for under 18 year olds). In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a hard shell Helmet that meets an international standard.

* Any rider performing a “U” turn within sight of the start or finish may be disqualified.


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