Cullip Cup 16th September - Connington

After the summer concentration of events based around Helpston and the north of Peterborough, the Cullip Cup is an excursion to the south and Connington fen. 

The Cullip Cup is a 25 mile time trial based on the old A1 and a rural circuit taking in both Connington and Holme. 

The course starts in the village before heading south down the old A1 past Alconbury Hill and up towards the airfield. It turns before Stukely and then heads all the way back north past the start picking up the N1/10 route from Sawtry to Stilton. This is the fatest part of the course and has regularly attracted sub 20 minute rides in its short format. 

On the way back from Stilton the course takes a left at the war memorial and water tower before snaking through Connington and heading along the shallow false flat to the airfield. It then completes a loop to finish just pas the start on the opposite side of the lane. 

There is an end of season feel to this race and its a really key event in the club championships. 

If you are planning on riding, please let Steve Clarke know. 

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