2018 Trophy winners

2018 winners

Congratulations to all the 2018 winners.


Phil Ackerman
1st Hill Climb Champs

Lynden Fiona Leadbeater
2nd Hill Climb Champs

Tom Thorpe
3rd Hill Climb Champs

Simon Pitchford
1st Club Championship Series
1st Bluebell 10 mile Series
Clarke Merit Trophy
1st Cullip Cup 25 Mile TT
1st Club 2-Up TT
2nd Helpston Classic TT

Tony Whittle
Hammer Trophy

Dazza Kelly
2nd Cullip Cup 25 Mile TT

Dave Thorold
1st Championship 10 Mile TT
3rd Championship 25 Mile TT
3rd Helpston Classic TT

Ian Waddy
1st Championship 25 Mile TT
1st Solo Navigation Trophy

Tonya Smith
1st Woman Champs 25 Mile TT

Paul Lunn
1st Helpston Classic TT
1st Club 2-Up TT

Melanie Evans
1st Woman Helpston Classic

Steve Maile
3rd Championship 10 Mile TT

Georgina Jennings
1st Woman Champs 10 Mile TT

Malc Jacklin
2nd Championship 10 mile TT
2nd Championship 25 mile TT
3rd Cullip Cup 25 Mile TT

Paul Lilley
Clarke Merit Trophy
1st Harry Lawes 50 Mile TT
2nd Club 2-Up TT

Steve Kaye
Clarke Merit Trophy
2nd Club 2-Up TT

Steve Clarke
3nd Club 2-Up TT

James Piercy
3nd Club 2-Up TT

Martin Brooker
Best First Year Rider

Thomas Stegeman
Holmes Merit Cup

Birgit Scott
1st Solo Navigation Trophy
1st Women’s Glover Attendance

Lindsay Clarke
1st Berridge 10 mile Trophy
1st Womens BAR

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