The countdown to the 10s starts now!

The clubs weekly ten series starts next week and we are all very excited to pin on a number and get racing. 

I have had a number of questions about the dates of the races and the variety of events we are putting on this summer. You can get a copy of the clubs race calendar here. Please be minded though that there are still some provisional dates and its worth keeping an eye on the website should roadworks or other issues mean something changes. 

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Fenland Clarion events are as serious or as social as you want to make them and are always great fun to participate in and marshall. 

However, the start of the season is an appropriate time to remind everyone to be safe and respect the rules of the road, even when you are racing. 

With that in mind, the club has published this great set of instructions, which you can view here.

We are using both of the courses that we rode last season, but in convenient monthly blocks so you know whether to meet on the heath or at the base of Ufford Hill. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch. 

The final thing to mention is that there will be a marshalling rota issued presently. Whilst no-one enjoys giving up a ride to marshall, we are all expected to take our turns and ensure that all events run safely and smoothly. 

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