8th June Lincs Circuit Racing

Just to remind you that we are co-hosting the third round of the Lincolnshire Circuit race series on Saturday 8th June, with two further rounds on Saturday 15th June & Saturday 6th July.
These events are a great opportunity for our riders, both youths and seniors, to try circuit racing. It seems like we will have a few riders taking part, and more would still be very welcome and if you are unsure please let me know and i'll try to answer any questions you may have.

Also we will need quite a few helpers on the day, and thanks to those who have already offered to help. With racing from 12:00 - 18:00 plus time for setting up and clearing away it's likely that sharing jobs will work. We also have the opportunity to raise some funds from the refreshments stall with an anticipated 70 - 100 riders likely to be taking part throughout the day. So even if you can't make the 8th you could still bring something for the stall to our youth session on Friday 7th at the Embankment.
Full events details


So if you can help please let me know, and hopefully we'll see lots of you there.

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