This weekends club runs 14th July

Please find below this week's clubs runs Sunday 14th July which start from Helpston.

9:00 am: Great Oxendon - Waterloo Farm Tea Shop NEW COFFEE STOP (75 miles) - Chris Farrow Leading

Including riding through the Oxenden Tunnels.

Please note.... Oxenden Tunnels are unlit so please fit lights so you can be seen and you can see where you are going.

9:30 am: Little Bytham – Rasel’s Tea House (46 miles) - Volunteer Required

Out via Uffington, Newstead, Greatt Casterton, Holywell, Clipsham and Castle Bytham, back via Essendine, Barnack, Southorpe.

10 am: Little Bytham – Rasel’s Tea House (31 miles) - Birgit Scott Leading

Out via Greatford, Carlby, Holywell, Clipsham, Castle Bytham, Little Bytham returning via Witham on the Hill, Manthorpe, Wilsthorpe and Geatford.

We hope you can join us on one of the above rides.

Ian Waddilove

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