Clarion Track Champs this weekend..

We appreciate that this is a minority interest area, but we also know that many non-racing Clarion members, love to go and watch the Clarion Track Champs, it’s indoors, warm, a nice café and you can cheer on your club mates.

The Clarion track champs has been the breeding ground for many world class cyclists, in recent years, both Adam and Simon Yates, rode our track champs, so who knows who you will be watching this year?

Of course, if you want to ride, you’ll be wanting to know how to enter. Here are the details:

Riders should be indoor velodrome accredited and experienced at riding in groups. If you have any questions, please contact the organiser Steve Clarke below:

National Clarion Track Championships
Sunday 2nd February Derby Arena 12.00-18.00hrs
Seniors: E1234 inc Juniors/Male/Female

To enter, follow this link:

Many thanks and we hope to see many of you there.

Steve Clarke

Racing Secretary – National Clarion CC

07951 666331

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