Youth Go Ride sessions to return

Dear Parents

We are now pleased to be able to announce that we can return to our Friday coached sessions at the athletic track, however it is important that you read this email in its entirety and respond accordingly before you attend.

We will be starting this Friday 18th September. Please note that for the foreseeable future ALL rider places will have to be requested in advance, and this will also require you to confirm that you have received, understand and will follow the terms outlined in this email.

Our sessions will start with reduced numbers (just 10 initially), and all places will need to be requested in advance by 20:00 on the Wednesday, and approved before attending, as we will be limiting numbers. If any riders are declined a place, then they will get priority for the following session. Where possible we would encourage payment in advance via the Barclays Pingit app, this is a well proven Barclays product that is free to download and use, and it means there's no need to handle any cash. Payments will need to be sent to 07743 357 037 once you have a place. If you really do need to pay in cash then we request the correct change. At all times we will aim to follow the recommended guidance on social distancing with regard to Covid-19, and would appreciate all of your help with this.

For now there will be no access to the pavilion other than a limited number of the toilets to the rear of the building, and there will be no loan bikes or other equipment. Please come prepared for the weather if you are planning to stay while the youngsters ride, and also the youngsters will not have the option of going inside for a few minutes to get warm.

We would like to keep the numbers attending the session to a minimum, and ALL of those present will be logged for track and trace, should the need arise.

Riders are to arrive more than 15 minutes before the session is due to start, so 6:15 for our regular Friday 6:30 starts, and the number of people attending is to be kept to a minimum. No cars will be permitted on site.

No one who is clinically vulnerable or has cold, flu or potential Covid-19 symptoms should attend.

We hope that these conditions can evolve and not be too onerous as the Covid restrictions in general become more relaxed, although obviously this is very much an unknown situation.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and we look forward to welcoming you all back to our regular sessions, and enjoying riding our bikes in each others company once again.


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