Peterborough Cycle West - A request for help

For a number of years our group of volunteers has been campaigning for the creation of a new cycle route in Peterborough , west of the existing Green wheel, that would avoid the dangerous stretch of the A47. We now have a viable design and the support of the major landowners , the Nene Park Trust and the Nene valley railway. Our route would connect with the existing route from the city that runs to Castor and Ailsworth and then go along quiet roads to the village of Sutton. From the village it would run along a disused railway line before crossing the river Nene via a new set of steps and the footbridge to the NVR Wansford station. Once over the river cyclists could cross the A1 using the flyover at Stibbington and go further afield. The new route would be a major improvement for local cyclists of all kinds, both for families wanting to cycle out to the NVR station, for cycle-commuters wishing to cycle to and from the city and for local people wanting to travel between local villages. Please see the attached map for details . it would also compliment the planned route for ‘non-motorised users’ that Highways England will eventually be building alongside the improved A47.

Now is the time we need your help- as we will shortly be applying for planning permission to Peterborough City Council, we need to show how many people support our route and wish to encourage more people to cycle for their health, their enjoyment and to reduce the need for car travel.

Ian Baugh, Secretary Peterborough Cycle West project


NB - 

Chris Farrow and Ian Todd are both on the PCWP committee and can vouch for the project being of real value to cyclists in providing a country route from the Southorpe/Sutton side of the river through to Stibbington/Wansford & beyond, avoiding the dangerous stretch of the A47.

If you could read the email and confirm your support for the project by emailing mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , which will greatly assist the planning application that will need to be made, and permission granted, before work can commence.

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