Club committee to meet and discuss updated position from British Cycling

There is a lot of information coming out at the moment from the likes of British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and the official Government messages themsevles. 

With that in mind the club committee will virtually meet on 15th June to discuss the restarting of club activities as soon as we are able and its safe to do so. 

All activities will only restart in accordance with the relevant guidance given by the relevant bodies. 

In the meantime please refer to the British Cycling article here.

The key paragraph being....

Last week (Wednesday 27 May) we announced that all formalised group and club activity (including club runs, HSBC UK Breeze rides and similar) would be suspended until Saturday 4 July, and this suspension remains in place.


Thank you all for you patience, support and co-operation in what has been an unpreceded challenge for those who run the club. 

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