Club Dinner and Prize Presentation 2022


L to R: Paul Lunn, Chris Shaw, David Hallam, Tonya Smith, Lindsay Clarke, Evander Wishart and Harry Tozer.

FENLAND Clarion’s ‘Ironman’ Paul Lunn cleaned up at this year’s club prize presentation at The Farmers in Yaxley on Saturday (5th Feb), after winning virtually all of the club’s races during the 2021 season.
Wins in the Championship 10 and 25 mile events, plus the Cullip Cup 25 mile, Helpston Classic, Hill Climb and Place to Place events, saw Paul also take the Club Championship Series. During last season he also took a new Club Record for 100 miles with a 3.39.56 in the Burton and District event in September and Veterans Records for 25, 50 and 100 miles.
Other notable winners were Lindsay Clarke, who again won the Club Womens Championship and was the fastest female over 10 miles, while establishing a new British record for her age group during the Sherwood event near Nottingham, again in September.
Chris Shaw took the Clarke Merit Cup for his outstanding performances in 2021, with new Veterans records at 15, 25, 30, 100 miles and 12 hours with 256 miles (which also earned him the Berridge 12 hour Shield).
Youth rider Evander Wishart took the Stuart Ede Cup for the best six times during the course of the midweek Bluebell TT series and lifted the Holmes Merit Cup for his Cyclo Cross performances and his 24.50 in the National Youth 10 mile TT Final at Mallory Park.
Harry Tozer, Tonya Smith and Dave Hallam were also presented with awards on the night.

Full List of 2021 award winners: Harry Tozer (3rd Team Club 2-Up TT), Evander Wishart (3rd Team Club 2-Up TT, Bluebell Juvenile Series, Holmes Juvenile Merit Trophy) Jerry Norman (2nd Team Club 2-Up TT) Paul Lilley (2nd Team Club 2-Up TT) Paul Lunn (1st Helpston Classic TT, 1st Place to Place TT, 1st Championship 10 mile TT, Harry Lawes 50 Mile Championship, Wyatt 100 Mile Championship, Clarke Club Championship, 1st Championship 25 mile TT, 1st Cullip Cup 25 mile TT, 1st Hill Climb) Jonny Hynes (2nd Place to Place TT) Simon Pitchford (2nd Helpston Classic TT, 2nd Championship 10 mile TT, 2nd Championship 25 mile TT, 3rd Cullip Cup 25 mile TT) Steve Maile (3rd Helpston Classic TT, 3rd Place to Place TT) Lindsay Clarke (1st Woman Helpston Classic TT, 1st Woman Place to Place TT, 1st Woman Championship 10 mile TT, 1st Woman Championship 25 mile TT, Berridge 10 mile Shield, Conders Shield Women’s Championship) Ian Waddilove (3rd Championship 25 mile TT) Fran Francis (1st Woman Cullip Cup 25 mile TT, 1st Woman Hill Climb, Best First Year Rider) Matt Lay (2nd Cullip Cup 25 mile TT) Lynden Leadbeater (3rd Hill Climb) Tom Thorpe (2nd Hill Climb) Dave Thorold (1st Team Club 2 Up TT) Stuart Cleworth (1st Team Club 2 Up TT) Caroline Tatam (1st Team Navigation Rally) Julian Tatam (1st Team Navigation Rally) Ian Todd (Glover Attendance Trophy) Birgit Scott (Glover Attendance Trophy) Chris Shaw (Berridge 12 hour Championship, Clarke Merit Cup) Sharon Asplin (Bluebell TT Series) 




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