Leisure Rides Risk Management

  • Club leisure ride routes will usually be arranged to ride on public roads, bridleways and other rights of way open to cyclists where the risk of riding on such routes would be no higher than any member of the general public choosing to ride on them.
  • On public roads, all riders will adhere to the Highway Code and on all roads, bridleways and rights of way will ride within their capability and will not put themselves or others at risk.
  • Club leisure rides that are not on public roads, bridleways or other rights of way open to cyclists will be risk assessed by the Ride Leader and any necessary Risk Mitigating Measures identified and made known to all participating riders by the Ride Leader prior to the start of the ride.
  • Any unexpected hazards arising on the route will be assessed and a safe means of proceeding will be agreed by the riders and confirmed by the Ride Leader.
  • On all rides. the Ride Leader will encourage safe riding and, wherever possible, identify any unsafe riding by any individual(s) and will advise them how they must change their riding style or habits so that they do ride safely. Failure to comply with safe riding advice may, in the extreme, result in the rider(s) concerned being asked to leave the ride.
  • The Ride Leader and experienced leisure riders will welcome new riders and advise and assist them to ride safely within a group and to improve their capability over time, thereby reducing risks.
  • Riders leaving a club leisure ride will be asked to let other riders, and ideally the Ride Leader, know that they are leaving the ride so that all riders are accounted for. Where possible, it will be checked that the departing rider knows how to get home!
  • At all times on all club leisure rides each individual rider is accountable for their own safety and to ride safely so as to do no harm to others or to the property of others.

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