2022 Prizes & Awards

Chris Cummings
1st Cullip Cup 25 mile TT
1st Championship 25 mile TT
2nd Place to Place TT
1st Club Hill Climb

Chris Shaw
1st Helpston Classic TT
2nd Cullip Cup 25 mile TT
2nd Team Club 2 Up TT
2nd Championship 25 mile TT
3rd Championship 10 mile TT

Luke Dolby
2nd Helpston Classic TT
3rd Cullip Cup 25 mile TT

Tonya Smith
1st Woman Cullip Cup 25 mile TT

Simon Pitchford
1st Championship 10 mile TT
1st Team Club 2 Up TT

Tom Thorpe

1st Team Club 2 Up TT
Clarke Merit Cup

Darren Smith
2nd Team Club 2 Up TT

Harry Tozer
3rd Team Club 2 Up TT
3rd Club Hill Climb
Bluebell TT's Best Youth
1st Juvenile TT BAR
Club Track Champion

Evander Wishart
1st Cyclo Cross Championship
Youth Circuit Race Champion
3rd Team Club 2 Up TT

Darren Kelly
3rd Helpston Classic TT

Lindsay Clarke
1st Woman Helpston Classic TT
1st Woman Championship 25 mile TT
1st Woman Championship 10 mile TT
Berridge 10 mile Shield
Women's BAR

Matthew Lay
1st Place to Place TT

Karl Grundy
Club Person of the Year
3rd Place to Place TT

Phil Merritt
3rd Championship 25 mile TT

Lynden Leadbeater
2nd Club Hill Climb

Ian Waddilove
2nd Championship 10 mile TT

Ethan Grundy
1st Bluebell Series
Best First Year Rider

Ian Richardson
Men's Attendance Trophy

Birgit Scott
Women's Attendance Trophy

Theo Wan
Juvenile Merit Cup

John Bean
Hammer Trophy

Paul Lunn
Wyatt 100 mile Cup

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